Monday, 7 September 2009

How NOT to sunbathe

My friend took this photo a few sunny Saturdays ago when we were in Embankment Gardens, down by the Thames.

Check Spelling

Honey. Sweetheart. Lovely girl. If, by some bizarre, freakish, cosmically crazy coincidence, you happen to be one of my nine* followers, you need to know:

1. This is not a good look. Vertical: maybe. Horizontal: categorically, no. If your mum wasn't all the way back in Australia, I know she'd tell you the same.

2. When you lie down in a short skirt, your bottom will always find a way to crawl out from underneath. However much you may want to read your book while lying on the grass in the warm sunshine (I know, I know, we all love to do that!) do not succumb to temptation. You really need to stay standing up.

And that's all really.
* including ME, since I'm following my own blog inadvertently.


  1. anyone have a bike that needs parking??

    hilarious pic and post! Thanks for the smile after the Ruby story, which still has me choked.


  2. Ewwww !

    So funny, glad she didn't see you taking the photo tho'!!!

  3. Sorry - I'll take more care next time...

  4. Big Pants is all I can say. Big Pants girl!!

  5. Nic, glad it made you smile. x

    I used a zoom lens, Suburbia, and cunningly took it OVER Eldest Daughter's shoulder! (To be honest I felt a teeeeeny bit guilty for taking it ie. not very 'sisterly' etc. but then I figured, wot the heck (and she def. didn't know...)

    The Dott: And so you should! hahaha

    Big Pants indeed, Mud. This is a girl who's clearly not seen Bridget Jones ....?!